$57,/sale/men/men-apparels,Carbide,YG-1,TiAlN,Dream,Bit,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,Fin,signature.wli.edu.au,Coolant,Drill,DGE43,with,Holes, $57,/sale/men/men-apparels,Carbide,YG-1,TiAlN,Dream,Bit,Industrial Scientific , Cutting Tools,Fin,signature.wli.edu.au,Coolant,Drill,DGE43,with,Holes, YG-1 DGE43 Carbide New sales Dream Drill Bit TiAlN Fin Coolant with Holes $57 YG-1 DGE43 Carbide Dream Drill Bit with Coolant Holes, TiAlN Fin Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools YG-1 DGE43 Carbide New sales Dream Drill Bit TiAlN Fin Coolant with Holes $57 YG-1 DGE43 Carbide Dream Drill Bit with Coolant Holes, TiAlN Fin Industrial Scientific Cutting Tools

YG-1 DGE43 Carbide New sales Dream Drill Bit TiAlN Fin Coolant with Holes Brand new

YG-1 DGE43 Carbide Dream Drill Bit with Coolant Holes, TiAlN Fin


YG-1 DGE43 Carbide Dream Drill Bit with Coolant Holes, TiAlN Fin

Product description

Dream drills for aluminum with coolant holes. Right hand spiral, 30 degree helix. 118 Degree point angle. Made of Carbide. DLC coating. Shank tolerance ød2: -0.0001/-0.0005. 5xD. The tool has the special flute shape and geometry for suitable machining of aluminum. Excellent chip evacuation due to better surface treatment. Point R-thinning makes the superior centering and chip curl. Pecking not required.

YG-1 DGE43 Carbide Dream Drill Bit with Coolant Holes, TiAlN Fin

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