$70 Tavon Austin Signed Custom Jersey - PSA/DNA - Autographed w/ Pho Collectibles Fine Art Sports -,PSA/DNA,Collectibles Fine Art , Sports,Custom,Austin,signature.wli.edu.au,Tavon,Signed,Jersey,Pho,$70,w/,Autographed,/page/75/,- Tavon Austin Signed Custom Jersey - w PSA DNA security Autographed Pho $70 Tavon Austin Signed Custom Jersey - PSA/DNA - Autographed w/ Pho Collectibles Fine Art Sports -,PSA/DNA,Collectibles Fine Art , Sports,Custom,Austin,signature.wli.edu.au,Tavon,Signed,Jersey,Pho,$70,w/,Autographed,/page/75/,- Tavon Austin Signed Custom Jersey - w PSA DNA security Autographed Pho

Tavon Austin Signed Ranking TOP20 Custom Jersey - w PSA DNA security Autographed Pho

Tavon Austin Signed Custom Jersey - PSA/DNA - Autographed w/ Pho


Tavon Austin Signed Custom Jersey - PSA/DNA - Autographed w/ Pho

Product description

This custom sewn jersey has been personally hand-signed by St. Louis Rams 2013 1st Round Pick, Tavon Austin. All the letters and numbers are sewn-on. The jersey is a size 52 (XL). Jersey is new without tags or logos. This autographed item would make a perfect gift or a great addition to any collection.

Tavon Austin Signed Custom Jersey - PSA/DNA - Autographed w/ Pho

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