Rug,Dad,for,/mortgageable3166528.html,Blue,W,Chevron,Gifts,Tribal,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,and,Design,Pink,,Colorful,$23 Tribal Design Colorful Chevron Blue and Rug 55% OFF Gifts for Dad Pink W Rug,Dad,for,/mortgageable3166528.html,Blue,W,Chevron,Gifts,Tribal,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,and,Design,Pink,,Colorful,$23 Tribal Design Colorful Chevron Blue and Rug 55% OFF Gifts for Dad Pink W $23 Tribal Design Colorful Chevron Blue and Pink Rug Gifts for Dad W Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $23 Tribal Design Colorful Chevron Blue and Pink Rug Gifts for Dad W Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Tribal Design Colorful Chevron Blue and Rug 55% OFF shop Gifts for Dad Pink W

Tribal Design Colorful Chevron Blue and Pink Rug Gifts for Dad W


Tribal Design Colorful Chevron Blue and Pink Rug Gifts for Dad W

Product description

Best Design for Tribal Design Colorful Chevron Blue And Pink Rug Rectangle Area Rugs


  • X-Small: 2x3ft (60 * 90cm)
  • Small: 3x5ft (91 * 152cm)
  • Medium: 4x6ft (122 * 183cm)
  • Large: 5x8ft (152 * 244cm)

Note: Due to the vacuum extraction process, the product will wrinkle a bit. Products will be fully straightened after 15 days of use

  • Each of our rugs is made from luxurious plush velour and features a premium heat dye sublimation print for long-lasting color vibrancy.
  • The low-profile pile height of 4mm makes this rug look great in any room and perfect for placing under furniture.
  • The underside is constructed from high-quality epoxy for a non-slip grip and extra durability.
  • Stain-resistant material makes cleaning a breeze. Use a damp cloth with mild soapy water to clean (avoid bleach) and let air dry.
  • Rugs arrive vacuumed sealed for protection during the shipping process once opened rugs may take up to 24 hours to lay flat.
  • We recommend a light vacuuming of the rug to assist in the settling process.
  • Professional personality DIY printing design, custom personalized and easy to match, suitable for a variety of occasions, perfect for home decor, floor decor indoor, living room, bedroom, dining room, or children's playroom.
  • It's a personal gift for your lovers: Take this ultra-soft blanket for your lovers for Valentine's day, Christmas New Year, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day or Birthday, etc
    Awesome gift for any occasion, or just without any special reason, to show some love to your loved one! He will know you put in the extra effort to find something special.

★★★ Scroll to the top Click ' Customize Now ' to select the options of 'Size', which you would like before Adding to Your Cart to begin your favorite experience.

Tribal Design Colorful Chevron Blue and Pink Rug Gifts for Dad W

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