$50 Countertop Ice Maker Machine,Compact Automatic Ice Maker,Electri Appliances Refrigerators, Freezers Ice Ma $50 Countertop Ice Maker Machine,Compact Automatic Ice Maker,Electri Appliances Refrigerators, Freezers Ice Ma Countertop Ice Maker Machine Soldering Electri Compact Automatic $50,Automatic,/misdefine3787636.html,Appliances , Refrigerators, Freezers Ice Ma,signature.wli.edu.au,Maker,Electri,Countertop,Machine,Compact,Maker,Ice,Ice $50,Automatic,/misdefine3787636.html,Appliances , Refrigerators, Freezers Ice Ma,signature.wli.edu.au,Maker,Electri,Countertop,Machine,Compact,Maker,Ice,Ice Countertop Ice Maker Machine Soldering Electri Compact Automatic

Countertop Ice Maker Brand new Machine Soldering Electri Compact Automatic

Countertop Ice Maker Machine,Compact Automatic Ice Maker,Electri


Countertop Ice Maker Machine,Compact Automatic Ice Maker,Electri

Product description

1. Works great for applications in homes, restaurants, bars, hotels, grocery stores, and more.
2. Constructed by stainless steel, this commercial ice maker is rust resistant which prolongs its service life.
3. It has high efficiency of creating ice cubes at production of 12 kg per 24 hours with 8 minutes ice making cycle.
4. A free-standing installation will allow you to install the ice maker in any place you desire, provided you have access to a water supply and a drain. A recessed installation will allow you to install the ice maker under a counter or in a kitchen cabinet if you have the required clearance space around the ice maker.
Size: 8.74*12.32*12.6 inch
N.W: 15.87 LBS
Package Size: 10.24*13.23*14.69 inch
G.W: 17.42 lbs
Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Ambient Temperature: 10-43 ℃
Power Supply: 220-240 V/50 Hz;115 V/60 Hz;230 V/ 60 Hz
Rated Input: 100 W
Refrigerant: R600a
Ice Making Capacity: 12 KG/24 H
Ice Storage Capacity: 0.7 kg

Countertop Ice Maker Machine,Compact Automatic Ice Maker,Electri

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