JC SPORTLINE Carbon Fiber Front Bumper BMW Fits 3 for Lip Max 77% OFF Series Series,for,/memorious3419408.html,JC,BMW,Bumper,Front,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Fiber,Fits,signature.wli.edu.au,Lip,3,Carbon,SPORTLINE,$384 $384 JC SPORTLINE Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Lip Fits for BMW 3 Series Automotive Replacement Parts $384 JC SPORTLINE Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Lip Fits for BMW 3 Series Automotive Replacement Parts Series,for,/memorious3419408.html,JC,BMW,Bumper,Front,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Fiber,Fits,signature.wli.edu.au,Lip,3,Carbon,SPORTLINE,$384 JC SPORTLINE Carbon Fiber Front Bumper BMW Fits 3 for Lip Max 77% OFF Series

JC SPORTLINE Carbon Fiber Front Bumper BMW Fits 3 for Direct store Lip Max 77% OFF Series

JC SPORTLINE Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Lip Fits for BMW 3 Series


JC SPORTLINE Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Lip Fits for BMW 3 Series

Product Description

★ Installation Instruction:

  1. Please check the item and accessories in the package.
  2. Preparatory work(electric hand drill,3MM drill,screwdriver,screws.)
  3. Rise the car with lift,two people hold the front lip and let it align with the front bumper,another person put the front lip to the best location and press it tightly.
  4. People on both sides hold the front lip and another person aims at the preformed holes on the bottom of the front lip with 3mm electric hand drill and start drilling.
  5. Fix the front lip with self tapping screws through the holes,and ensure the screws are tightened.
  6. Use the same way to drill both sides and tighten the screws,and the installation is complete.

JC SPORTLINE Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Lip Fits for BMW 3 Series

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