Europe,Style,,Bed,Skirt,,Pleated,Classic,Skirt,/interlardment3419684.html,$35,35cm,Bed,Baby Products , Nursery,Tailored Bed Skirt Classic Europe Excellent Tailored 35cm Style Pleated $35 Bed Skirt Classic Europe Style Pleated Tailored Bed Skirt, 35cm Baby Products Nursery Bed Skirt Classic Europe Excellent Tailored 35cm Style Pleated Europe,Style,,Bed,Skirt,,Pleated,Classic,Skirt,/interlardment3419684.html,$35,35cm,Bed,Baby Products , Nursery,Tailored $35 Bed Skirt Classic Europe Style Pleated Tailored Bed Skirt, 35cm Baby Products Nursery

Bed Max 66% OFF Skirt Classic Europe Excellent Tailored 35cm Style Pleated

Bed Skirt Classic Europe Style Pleated Tailored Bed Skirt, 35cm


Bed Skirt Classic Europe Style Pleated Tailored Bed Skirt, 35cm

Product description

Suitable for modern people, showing extraordinary taste
Color;White , Golden , Burgundy , Grey , Macaroon Blue , Blue , Navy , Black , Voilet , Brown , Plum , Pink , Beige
Package include:
1pc bed skirt
Material: 100% Polyester
Fabric: Microfiber Fabric
No fading, no shrinkage
Machine washable
Height : 35cm (approximately)
Size Chat : (approximately )
90 x 190 x 35 cm
90 x 200 x 35 cm
100 x 190x 35 cm
105x 190 x 35 cm
120 x 190 x 35 cm
135x 190 x 35 cm
135 x 200 x35 cm
140 x 190 x 35 cm
150 x 190 x 35 cm
150 x 200 x 35 cm
160 x 190 x 35 cm
160 x 200 x 35 cm
180 x 200 x35 cm
200 x 200 x35 cm

Bed Skirt Classic Europe Style Pleated Tailored Bed Skirt, 35cm

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