IVY Classic 15322 Sales of SALE items from new works 22 oz. Ripping Mi Steel Solid Hammer with Claw Steel,$22,15322,with,/hylophagous3125212.html,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,oz.,Mi,Ripping,22,Classic,IVY,Claw,Solid,Hammer,signature.wli.edu.au Steel,$22,15322,with,/hylophagous3125212.html,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,oz.,Mi,Ripping,22,Classic,IVY,Claw,Solid,Hammer,signature.wli.edu.au $22 IVY Classic 15322 22 oz. Ripping Claw Solid Steel Hammer with Mi Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $22 IVY Classic 15322 22 oz. Ripping Claw Solid Steel Hammer with Mi Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools IVY Classic 15322 Sales of SALE items from new works 22 oz. Ripping Mi Steel Solid Hammer with Claw

IVY Classic 15322 Sales of SALE items from Year-end annual account new works 22 oz. Ripping Mi Steel Solid Hammer with Claw

IVY Classic 15322 22 oz. Ripping Claw Solid Steel Hammer with Mi


IVY Classic 15322 22 oz. Ripping Claw Solid Steel Hammer with Mi

Product description

Size:22 oz.

IVY Classic Ripping Claw Solid Steel Hammers feature vibration cushioning which allows for the vibration from the hammer to be absorbed through the shaft into the co-molded contoured rubber handle. Constructed out of solid steel, these hammers are one-piece drop-forged for strength and durability and feature a fully polished head and shaft. Ideal applications for this ripping claw include driving and pulling nails, prying boards, demolition work, splitting lumber and more. IVY Classic Industries is dedicated to producing a comprehensive, quality line of power tool accessories and hand tools.

IVY Classic 15322 22 oz. Ripping Claw Solid Steel Hammer with Mi

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