TBTBGXQ Mini Trampoline Adult 45-inch Store Fitness Indoor Children's $175 TBTBGXQ Mini Trampoline, Adult/Children's Indoor 45-inch Fitness Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness TBTBGXQ,Fitness,$175,Mini,signature.wli.edu.au,/erineum3611516.html,Trampoline,,Adult/Children's,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,45-inch,Indoor TBTBGXQ,Fitness,$175,Mini,signature.wli.edu.au,/erineum3611516.html,Trampoline,,Adult/Children's,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,45-inch,Indoor TBTBGXQ Mini Trampoline Adult 45-inch Store Fitness Indoor Children's $175 TBTBGXQ Mini Trampoline, Adult/Children's Indoor 45-inch Fitness Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

TBTBGXQ Mini Trampoline Adult 45-inch Manufacturer direct delivery Store Fitness Indoor Children's

TBTBGXQ Mini Trampoline, Adult/Children's Indoor 45-inch Fitness


TBTBGXQ Mini Trampoline, Adult/Children's Indoor 45-inch Fitness

Product description

●Strong steel pipe, strong stability and durability, ensuring long-term daily use

●High quality PP jumping mat, good waterproof performance, strong elasticity and long service life

■This exercise trampoline will help children recover all their energy and help improve their physical development by increasing coordination, balance and strength.

■Package contents: 1 × trampoline, 1 × armrests.


■Thick steel pipe frame, strong stability and durability, ensuring its long-term daily use

■High quality PP jumping mat, good flexibility, strong elasticity and long service life

■Each spring is made of steel and has anti-rust coating for longer service life

■Adjustable thick foam armrests, jumping area and height can be professional

■The frame can be folded up for easy travel or quick storage.

■Please allow one person to jump to the middle of the activity range at a time.

■Children need to be under the supervision of an adult

■Note: Do not jump too high!

■No tools required!


★If it smells it doesn't matter, just put it in a ventilated place

★Due to batch and manual measurements, there may be minor errors, thank you for your understanding.

★Show all the above pictures, different display effects may be different. Please refer to the actual product

●Children need to be under the supervision of an adult

●Suitable for everyone

●Simple and fast assembly

TBTBGXQ Mini Trampoline, Adult/Children's Indoor 45-inch Fitness

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