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Era Progress Co Wood Bench Fine Patio Benches Fr Limited price Garden Credence Aluminum

Era Progress Co Wood Bench Fine Patio Garden Benches Aluminum Fr


Era Progress Co Wood Bench Fine Patio Garden Benches Aluminum Fr

Product description

Color:47 Inches Backless

About Us:
Era Progress Co is a trading company dedicated to bringing the best service attitude and products to the world. We are proud to be recognized by every customer. This will be our biggest and best help on the way forward.
Garden Bench with Cast Aluminum Frame
This garden bench can be used wherever hard-wearing, yet comfortable and attractive seating is required.
Material: Aluminum+ Teak wood/WPS (polystyrene plastic wood)
Size: L51"/63"/78.7"*24.4"*31.5"(L*W*H)
Seat width: 57"
Seat depth: 20"
Seat height from the ground: 16"
Finish: Powdercoating
This garden bench can be used wherever hard-wearing and weather-resistant, yet comfortable and attractive seating is required. Applications include parks, school playgrounds, colleges, etc. It has a generous length of 59"or 70", which is typically ample space for seating up to 3 people. The frame is made of extremely strong Aluminum, which makes the bench highly durable. The slats are made of solid wood(teak hardwood) which is a safe, environmentally sustainable and long-lasting material for outdoor use. The garden bench can be easily bolted to the floor. This 3-seater garden bench is a real eye-catcher and will make an attractive addition to any garden or outside space.

In the park
Garden benches are an essential element of the city landscape. They are a place where you can relax and chat with your friends. Garden benches can be categorized based on various perspectives

Elaborated Details

Sturdy Structure
Solid wood Slats

Quality Guarantee
Our street furniture is determined to its right purpose – to make the stay and movement in public places more comfortable. Only the products made of high-quality materials, having the suitable construction and elaborated details, can fulfill their function.Our priority is the quality keeping the lifetime of street furnitu

Era Progress Co Wood Bench Fine Patio Garden Benches Aluminum Fr

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