$37 Sister Gift Box, Sunflower Jewelry Gift for Sister, Sunflower Ne Handmade Products Jewelry Sister Gift Box Sunflower Jewelry for Ne Gorgeous Sister Gift Box Sunflower Jewelry for Ne Gorgeous $37 Sister Gift Box, Sunflower Jewelry Gift for Sister, Sunflower Ne Handmade Products Jewelry Gift,Sister,,Handmade Products , Jewelry,Sister,Sunflower,Sunflower,/cycledom3210037.html,signature.wli.edu.au,Ne,for,$37,Jewelry,Box,,Gift Gift,Sister,,Handmade Products , Jewelry,Sister,Sunflower,Sunflower,/cycledom3210037.html,signature.wli.edu.au,Ne,for,$37,Jewelry,Box,,Gift

Sister Gift Box Sunflower Jewelry for Ne Max 55% OFF Gorgeous

Sister Gift Box, Sunflower Jewelry Gift for Sister, Sunflower Ne


Sister Gift Box, Sunflower Jewelry Gift for Sister, Sunflower Ne

Sunflower Personalized Gift Box. A perfect gift for that special someone who loves sunflowers! Each box includes Sunflower Necklace is hand stamped with an initial disk and Swarovski birthstone bead. The initial is on a 1/2" round aluminum disk and it comes on a stainless steel chain. Sunflower Bracelet is hand stamped with an initial and Swarovski birthstone bead. The initial is on a 1/2" round aluminum disk and it comes on a stainless steel adjustable bracelet. Sunflower Earrings are stainless steel lever backs. They are for pierced ears. Sunflower Candle is hand poured with soy wax and it is in a 4 oz tin. We use premium fragrances in all of our candles. A wonderful way to send a gift to someone to make them feel special. All boxes come with sayings on the box and have crinkled paper to keep items safe in the shipping process. The boxes come ready to gift and I do not put an invoice in box. If you are shipping it to someone please remember to change the shipping address and leave a gift message so they know it is from you. Please message me with any questions you may have. Thank you!

Sister Gift Box, Sunflower Jewelry Gift for Sister, Sunflower Ne

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