(GSX16S481,/convergent3421090.html,4,Goodman,TON,signature.wli.edu.au,bundle,15,Conditioner,$3693,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,SEER,Air,CAPT4961 New sales Goodman 4 TON 15 SEER bundle GSX16S481 CAPT4961 Air Conditioner (GSX16S481,/convergent3421090.html,4,Goodman,TON,signature.wli.edu.au,bundle,15,Conditioner,$3693,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,SEER,Air,CAPT4961 $3693 Goodman 4 TON 15 SEER Air Conditioner bundle (GSX16S481 CAPT4961 Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality New sales Goodman 4 TON 15 SEER bundle GSX16S481 CAPT4961 Air Conditioner $3693 Goodman 4 TON 15 SEER Air Conditioner bundle (GSX16S481 CAPT4961 Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality

New Max 53% OFF sales Goodman 4 TON 15 SEER bundle GSX16S481 CAPT4961 Air Conditioner

Goodman 4 TON 15 SEER Air Conditioner bundle (GSX16S481 CAPT4961


Goodman 4 TON 15 SEER Air Conditioner bundle (GSX16S481 CAPT4961

Product description

The GSX16 series is for those who want efficiency every month, those who like to keep the AC set low in the summer, and those living in particularly hot climates. Prioritizing long-term cost of ownership provides you will lower utility bills and ultimately a lower total cost of ownership. The furnace in this bundle works at 96% efficiency and uses a variable speed blower. The variable speed blower will give you more consistent heating and cooling with a reduction in noise. With a two-stage burner this furnace operates quieter and generates more even heat through your home. With a two-stage burner you'll notice the temperature dip less before the longer heating cycle kicks in. This helps provide better air filtration since air is moving more regularly and gives you a great balance between cost and long-term value.

This 4 TON 15 SEER Goodman Upflow bundle comes with the following parts: GSX16S481, CAPT4961D4, GMVC960804CN, 83335, PWHIP346, EL3636-3, AG3000, AM112025FC, T3008US, UC18S15-24B.

When properly installed this bundle can provide up to 45,000 BTUs of cooling and 80,000 BTUs of heat.

The furnace in this bundle is a low NOx furnace.

Due to Federal Guidelines this unit can NOT be sold in the following states: AZ, CA, NM or NV. These pieces come with a 10-year parts limited warranty provided it is installed by a qualified installer and registered online within 60 days of installation.

This package comes with a new electrical whip (PWHIP346), new electrical disconnect box (83335), equipment pad (EL3636-3), surge protector (AG3000), high quality filter (AM112025FC), UV light (UC18S15-24B) and Nest learning thermostat (T3008US). All other accessories are sold separately.

Goodman 4 TON 15 SEER Air Conditioner bundle (GSX16S481 CAPT4961

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