/cardielcosis3706065.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Figurine,Butterfly,Ecart,signature.wli.edu.au,$61,Ojis $61 Ojis Ecart Butterfly Figurine Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $61 Ojis Ecart Butterfly Figurine Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Ojis Ecart Figurine Indianapolis Mall Butterfly /cardielcosis3706065.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Figurine,Butterfly,Ecart,signature.wli.edu.au,$61,Ojis Ojis Ecart Figurine Indianapolis Mall Butterfly

Finally resale start Ojis Ecart Figurine Indianapolis Mall Butterfly

Ojis Ecart Butterfly Figurine


Ojis Ecart Butterfly Figurine

Product description

Commend the qualities of courage and strength that you see in a daughter, sister or friend when you give her this keepsake sculpture. With beautiful outstretched arms and gold leaf embellished skirt, this statue's resemblance to a butterfly is remarkable. The gift is perfect for commemorating special events in life, such as birthdays, graduations, recitals and religious events.

Ojis Ecart Butterfly Figurine

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