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ZHHRHC Car Steering Wheel Cover Car Accessories,for Most Cars


ZHHRHC Car Steering Wheel Cover Car Accessories,for Most Cars

Product description


The durable microfiber is elastic in any climate, has anti-slip properties, enhances grip and gives you better control.
Material: leather
Applicable models:
For most cars
Diameter selection: Support: 14.1" (36CM) to 14.9" (38CM) One size fits for 99% cars
Easy to install and remove, easy to clean, so that your steering wheel always maintains a new appearance without any damage, provides a comfortable driving touch, helps reduce driving fatigue, and brings you a pleasant driving experience

ZHHRHC Car Steering Wheel Cover Car Accessories,for Most Cars

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Last week: Precision Small Steel Ball 6mm Standard 3mm4mm5mm6.0/2 / 4.5/5.5 and other pseudonymous authors.


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Apex Tool Group SOLDERING IRON 35W 120V WP35 Last week: Heather Stevens is on the Australian Convicts Team in the Australia Project.

"There are so many positive features of WikiTree: it is free, there is only one profile per person, you collaborate with other researchers, can ask questions, and can share your research without anyone having to use a credit card and a password to access it."

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