$48 TV Guide 12/10/1960-Jame Arness Amanda Blake Gunsmoke cover-Il Collectibles Fine Art Entertainment TV,Collectibles Fine Art , Entertainment,Blake,Arness,Guide,signature.wli.edu.au,/behoney3166730.html,$48,12/10/1960-Jame,cover-Il,Gunsmoke,Amanda TV,Collectibles Fine Art , Entertainment,Blake,Arness,Guide,signature.wli.edu.au,/behoney3166730.html,$48,12/10/1960-Jame,cover-Il,Gunsmoke,Amanda TV Guide 12 New sales 10 1960-Jame cover-Il Arness Gunsmoke Amanda Blake $48 TV Guide 12/10/1960-Jame Arness Amanda Blake Gunsmoke cover-Il Collectibles Fine Art Entertainment TV Guide 12 New sales 10 1960-Jame cover-Il Arness Gunsmoke Amanda Blake

TV Guide 12 New sales 10 1960-Jame cover-Il Arness Our shop most popular Gunsmoke Amanda Blake

TV Guide 12/10/1960-Jame Arness Amanda Blake Gunsmoke cover-Il


TV Guide 12/10/1960-Jame Arness Amanda Blake Gunsmoke cover-Il

Product description

-Great issue of TV guide. Great articles, vintage ads! -James Arness amp; Amanda Blake Gunsmoke cover -Eastern Illinois edition. -Crossword puzzle done lightly in pencil. High grade copy -No label, news stand copy

TV Guide 12/10/1960-Jame Arness Amanda Blake Gunsmoke cover-Il

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