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HONYGE Fashionable LXGANG Cosmetic Vanity Mirror USB Mak Max 45% OFF Inch Charging 8 LED

HONYGE LXGANG Cosmetic Vanity Mirror USB Charging 8 Inch LED Mak


HONYGE LXGANG Cosmetic Vanity Mirror USB Charging 8 Inch LED Mak

Product description

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8 inches 3 X USB charging



Product Name: LED wall-mounted vanity mirror

Product Category:Makeup mirror

product material:High quality copper + quartz glass mirror

Lens material:Quartz glass

Product net weight:1034g

Mirror size: 8 inches 3 X

Color: Silver,USB charging

Features: 3x magnification,360° rotation, energy-saving LED,6000k color temperature,Rotating and stretching rocker arm, hanging on the wall to reduce space

Surface treatment:plating

LED power supply mode:USB charging,(Charging for 3-5 hours, available for about 10 hours)

LED switch mode:Classic switch

Mounting accessories: screws, expansion plugs/nail-free adhesive installation(not included)

Mounting hole diameter: 6mm drill hole punching

Installation method:screw double hole installation (sturdy but damaged wall), glued (firm and does not damage the wall. easy to operate)

Applicable space:Hotel, spa, powder room,bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc.

Applicable gifts occasions: holiday celebrations, birthdays, business gifts, weddings, friends

If you purchase this product, it will be delivered within 7-21 business days.

If you have not received it, please contact us in time!

HONYGE LXGANG Cosmetic Vanity Mirror USB Charging 8 Inch LED Mak

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