$54 AV-Cables 12G 4K UHD SDI BNC Cable - Belden 4505A RG59 (35ft) Electronics Accessories Supplies signature.wli.edu.au,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,Cable,$54,Belden,12G,RG59,4505A,AV-Cables,4K,UHD,BNC,-,(35ft),/Bocconia3421168.html,SDI AV-Cables 12G 4K UHD SDI BNC 35ft - RG59 Belden Cable Topics on TV 4505A $54 AV-Cables 12G 4K UHD SDI BNC Cable - Belden 4505A RG59 (35ft) Electronics Accessories Supplies signature.wli.edu.au,Electronics , Accessories Supplies,Cable,$54,Belden,12G,RG59,4505A,AV-Cables,4K,UHD,BNC,-,(35ft),/Bocconia3421168.html,SDI AV-Cables 12G 4K UHD SDI BNC 35ft - RG59 Belden Cable Topics on TV 4505A

Overseas parallel import regular item AV-Cables 12G 4K UHD SDI BNC 35ft - RG59 Belden Cable Topics on TV 4505A

AV-Cables 12G 4K UHD SDI BNC Cable - Belden 4505A RG59 (35ft)


AV-Cables 12G 4K UHD SDI BNC Cable - Belden 4505A RG59 (35ft)

Product description


AV-Cables 12G HD SDI Cable is perfect for 4k UHD SDI BNC connections. The Belden 4505R cable is swept to 12G to deliver 4K UHD video. Conforms to SMPTE 424M and ST-2081, SMPTE ST-2082 standards. 20 AWG solid Silver plated copper conductor, lower-loss polyethylene dielectric and PVC jacket. Cable is backed by our Lifetime Connector replacement warranty. AV-Cables takes extra steps to ensure the cable meets the demand of the 12Ghz high frequency by adding extra shielding to the cable near the connector. This ensure the cable is fully shielded. We are currently the only manufacturer taking this extra step.

AV-Cables 12G 4K UHD SDI BNC Cable - Belden 4505A RG59 (35ft)

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